Return Policy

Products are tested and inspected prior to shipment and are sold as advertised. If products arrive damaged in shipping comply with all of the following instructions. Shipping damaged items will be replaced only with same or similar products and only if you show shipping damage via photos of the damaged product in the original packaging (products that are damaged but not in the original packaging cannot be claimed as shipping damaged). We do not replace products damaged by customer mishandling or improper installation. Shipping damage claims must be registered with us or the shipping company at time of receipt or at maximum WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE PRODUCTS (based on shipping company delivery date) using the tracking number. KEEP ALL PACKAGING MATERIALS, BOXES, LABELS, ETC. DO NOT DISCARD ANYTHING FROM THE SHIPMENT (save all until the claim is finally settled and you have received your replacement product). Do not return shipping damaged items to us we cannot accept returned items. When you notify us of shipping damage, please reply using the original email that you received after your order (we need this to identify your order). Upon receipt of an order, inspect ALL of your products to assure all are received undamaged. NOTE that we 100% support or products in the field as any of our customers will tell you … we are always available to talk to you … unlike other companies we have live people answering our phones.