Colombia BestTM Coffee 

A welcome message from the Owners

Most coffee drinkers have never tasted a REAL cup of coffee. WHAT YOU SAY ??? This page will educate you regarding the true nature of the international coffee industry and show you that we are offering a unique product that you will not find anywhere else. Real coffee from specialty beans drinks like a fine wine and has a pleasant after taste that will keep your mouth lightly salivating for about 15 minutes after you finish the last drop. This delicate taste is affected by every step of the process from the types of plants to where it grows to how it is picked and processed to how it is packaged and shipped and finally how it is brewed. Take a few minutes to absorb our message and when you finish you will be completely disgusted and what you used to think was high quality coffee. We have limited amounts of our premium coffees in the insatiable international coffee market where entire nations are vying for vast amounts of this renewable product.

First, what is REAL PREMIUM COFFEE and why have you not heard of this before? Most coffee today comes from the Caffea Arabica varieties which was commercialized in the 1500’s in Ethiopia’s Kaffa region and spread through Yemen to become the dominant species grown today for the commercial market. The plant is a high producing plant, thus the use in the large international market. In the rush to the high production market, chemical fertilizers and herbicides have been employed and now chemicals are used to ripen the crop in one day for faster consistent harvest.

There was a time when quality coffee grew in the cool mountain regions of the world tropical zones. But lately countries like Brazil have entered the mass market with tropical varieties which lack quality while reducing the price of production. The varieties have been subject to GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and are not organic. These varieties are then mixed with better blends from traditionally coffee regions like Colombia.

All of this is covered by heavily roasting the beans, so the resulting brewed coffee product is the consistency of black mud (thus the nick name for coffee). The caffeine content is still there and this is what most people are literally addicted to. People then mix their brew with milk, crème, sugar or all sorts of other additives to cover the acidy feeling and bitter after taste. That is what you get when you buy coffee today. It is simply a matter of economics and scale. You cannot expect exceptional coffee with the quantity demanded by the world insatiable appetite for that daily cup.

So, what is REAL PREMIUM COFFEE? At Colombia BestTM Coffee we personally grow and oversee 3 types of specialty coffees. These are “Rose Bourbon” (Bourbon Rosado in Spanish), “Geisha” and "Tabi" varieties. These plants are original plants selected and nurtured by a small group of dedicated coffee farm owners. They are carried from original stock and have never seen the inside of a modern GMO laboratory. The plants are grown in the mountains of central and southern Colombia between 4500 and 6000 foot altitudes where the weather is cool with day and nights of equal length year round. Interspersed are banana and citric trees to provide shade. Only under these conditions can the perfect coffee bean be grown. Natural fertilizers are created using the processed husks of the coffee bean so never are any artificial fertilizers or herbicides or insecticides used. Throughout the growing process the beans ripen at different times so the yields are small and processed in small batches. Only the ripe red beans are collected leaving the other beans to “ripen on the vine” like a fine grape for a fine wine.

The beans are then cleaned and kept away from the damaging effects of machines. They are put into vats to ferment and then processed. The roasting process is medium to preserve the natural goodness and provide the perfect flavor. NOW ABOUT THAT FLAVOR … Real premium coffee tastes like a fine wine. It is never harsh and never black or bitter. After the cup is gone your salivary glands will be working overtime hoping for just one more sip. This is the premium coffee after taste that will stay with you for about 15 minutes or until you decide to brew another cup. The caffeine level is controlled by the amount of time you leave the coffee in the steeping water.

That is not all. Real Premium Coffee is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. You will experience the improvement to your digestive system as well as a general feeling of well-being. Many people over partake of poor-quality coffee and the end results are jitters and addiction to excessive caffeine. Real Premium Coffee is more like drinking a fine tea. Once you experience this you will never want another cup of what you used to think was “coffee”.

Finally, let’s talk about price. Our premium coffees retail for $75 per pound which some may consider excessive. You can produce about 100 cups of premium coffee from one pound so that averages out to about 75 cents per cup. If you lived on one of our coffee farms and saw what it takes to keep the manpower and processes moving for the small quantity of product that is produced, then you will understand that you are purchasing a rare commodity. Don’t tell your friends keep this as your best held secret. FREE shipping to the 50 states