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OEM Developers for H2 markets

Welcome to the future of Green H2. You are developing products to use Hydrogen but are wondering what the future holds. Daily you read stories about “breakthroughs” that sound amazing on the surface but as soon as you peel back the first onion layer, the stories fall apart. You hear about all the different colors of Hydrogen. There is GREY and BLUE and now there is even GOLD H2 extracted from remaining underground oil deposits. These all involve processes that have no real future because they are more polluting than just burning the fossil fuels from which the H2 is processed.

The only real lasting form of Hydrogen will be GREEN H2 that comes from electrolysis of water, the most abundant molecule on the face of the earth. The only thing lacking has been a true green energy source to power the electrolysis. We are on the correct path and project that within 5 years we will be approaching the magic number of $2 USD per kg of H2 from sea water. But in the interim, you as an OEM developer are in need of high purity H2 to pursue your efforts. Most of all, you want your investors and future customers to know that you are 100% green.

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wind turbine

This is where we can offer you a production ready GREEN H2 system. Today the price of true green H2 will be high, but you will be on the curve of downward spiraling prices. Our patented trademarked JMCC WING® Generator in sizes from 5 kW to 250 kW directly power our line of electrolysis H2 generators from small (2 kg per day) to medium (120 kg per day) from wind power. The key is the highly efficient JMCC WING Generator that has 24 major improvements over the 3 blade wind turbines. Solar has never been an option for large scale commercial power for many reasons.

Our goal is to have large scale modules operational by 2025 that will be able to produce 100,000 kg of 99.999% pure H2 per day from wind for less than $2 per kg and without government subsidies. We will be able to offer this in both pressurized and dry H2 storage formats. We will then market these units as investment offerings and expect to be production ready to produce 1000 units per year. By 2030 we plan on producing 3.65 billion kg of H2 annually.

Today we can provide you with truly Green H2 for your OEM project. Call or email and start the conversation.